About Shela

Hi! I'm Shela

Welcome to Shelativity, my self-care blog.

I’ve had quite an adventurous and fulfilling life! I lived the first 17 years of my life in Jakarta, Indonesia. A few months after my 17th birthday, I left my friends, family, everything I know and hopped on a plane to the other side of the globe. (FYI: It was the craziest and best decision I've ever made!) I lived in Seattle, Washington for one and a half years and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where I currently reside. Living on my own in the US for the past 7 years comes with a lot of struggles and difficulties but with it also comes wisdom.  

Why create this blog?

In the past 7 years, I have learned the importance of self-care and self-love. I learned to be mindful. I learned to be optimistic, calm and smart even when everything goes wrong. I wouldn't be where I am in life right now if I didn't hold on to a positive mindset. 

I created this blog because I believe that stories are powerful and I hope that by sharing my story, you will be inspired to start adopting a positive mindset too.

Sharing my stories with you requires a lot of strength and vulnerability. With that, I ask that you treat myself and fellow readers with kindness and warmth.

Who is this blog for?


I made this blog for you, whoever you are, wherever you are. I want to give you a safe place to share so that we can learn from one another, to build a community of people that are kind to themselves and others.


I made this blog for the teens and preteens of the world because more and more of them are depressed every day and yet it is still so taboo to talk about mental health in so many parts of the world. I want to use social media for good, as part of the solution. I wish that someone had thought me about self-love, self-care, mental health when I was younger. I wished that someone could have taught me how to handle my emotions well, how to handle the difficult things in life.


Thanks again for visiting my blog! Please feel free to send me a message or follow me on Instagram for more positive vibes.

Lots of love,



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